It’s June, already?!

I cannot believe how time flies. It seems like a month ago that I first had my September post, and now it’s June!

There are only a few more days of school yet, grade 5s. So let’s make it the most memorable, rewarding and successful. It may be hard to concentrate, but the light is at the end of the tunnel…for summer vacation.

This month, the grade 5s will host a potluck in Mlle. O’Keefe’s classroom on Wednesday, June 5th. I hope that you will all be bringing something from your own culture, or just anything that everyone will enjoy.

Since it is getting REALLY humid and hot in the city, we may have a waterpark date set at the end of June to go to Hendon Park. More details to follow.

Let’s try to make this a relaxing June!


We know it is spring when the sun is out and we are finding it a bit warmer in our classroom. The fans are going and the birds are chirping. This means we must be in our second last month before school: May!

During this month, we will have a Marian mass with our apostolates. Also, there is education week from May 5 to the 10th. Our school has our education day on May 8th, so please invite your parents, family and friends to take a look at our classroom and see what we have been working hard on for the past couple of weeks. The wonderful comic books and your bridges made only of Popsicle sticks will be the highlight of the day. I think everyone will love and enjoy seeing them!

We also have our remaining two hip hop classes in May.

As always, and due to popular demand, our Scientist in the School will be coming on Thursday, May 16th to do some cool experiments on our last science unit: Properties and Changes in Matter.

It seems like this is going to be a very educational and inspiring month. Let’s keep up the awesome work, Grade 5s!

Don’t forget that parents, guardians and friends are invited for Catholic Education Day on Wednesday, May 8th from 2:30-3:30!

April showers bring May flowers!

We are finally in the season of spring (well, hopefully the weather will cooperate with us on this one!). During this month we will have spring pictures taking place on Thursday, April 4th. And talk about field trips galore! There is the Music Festival that Mrs. Ford has organized in taking the grades 4-6 classes to St. Patrick’s Secondary School to sing in front of other students. On April 11th, the grade 5 students are going to the TIFF lightbox to watch two movies in English. This will be so exciting! I always enjoy watching TIFF movies. Remember, these movies have not come out anywhere, and we are the first people to view it.

We are also slated to have the Hip Hop program in April. However, hopefully we will find a new hip hop instructor soon so that we can get the program up and started!

Have a great April!


March has come so fast. We will be having our March break really soon from March 11th-15th. This should be the time to spend with family and friends especially after the long winter blahs of January and February. It marks the beginning of spring, and the weather is definitely getting a little warmer.

Also, just a reminder to “spring forward” your clocks on Sunday, March 10th. Yes…that means 1 less hour of sleep, but at least the sun (which seems like it) will set later in the day!

For this month, we will have our third (and final) skating day which will be held on Tuesday, March 5th in the morning (9am- 11am). It is also a month of fasting since it is lent. I really do hope that some of you have given up on some sweets, meat or any other food that you enjoy to show honour and dedication leading up to Easter.

Let’s have a fun and relaxing month!

February- The month of love

The virtue of the month in February is love and it is quite fitting since Valentine’s Day, Family Day, Pancake Tuesday (Mardi Gras), Ash Wednesday and Carnaval week happens during this month.

It is a short month, but it will definitely be action-packed. We will have our second outing to Mitchell Field Arena for our morning skate. Also, don’t forget that parent-teacher interviews are also February 14 and 15th. Please, unlike the last interviews, these ones are for those who we (myself or Mlle. O’Keefe) contact or recommend for an interview.

Just stay tuned for announcements on any upcoming festivities that we will partake as a class during Carnaval week. Usually, the class devises a huge BINGO card that we will use when we all assemble in the gym for our annual bingo prize. All the bingo numbers will be called out during morning announcements.

Seems like February will be full of love and excitement!

January 2013!

Happy New Year, Grade 5s! I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas holiday, spent with family and friends.

Now that we are back at school, just want to fill in what we have in store in January. The Human Arm projects are due Jan 31st, so this week, please start gathering your materials and we will start assembling your projects this week.

Also, we are starting the skating program (permission forms have gone out already). Our first date is Tuesday, January 15th in the morning. Please sign the form and bring your skates, helmet and gloves!

I hope we get off to another great start. Remember to have some New Year’s Resolutions in mind. That is always a great way to reach and achieve any academic or personal goals that you may have.

It’s December!

It’s December, the final month of 2012! Although it’s a short month for students, there’s A LOT that always goes on. There’s the Christmas Concert, which is on Tuesday, December 11th at 7 pm. We are singing “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” both in English et en francais! I know it will be an enjoyable performance!

We are also doing “Secret Santa” a.k.a. “Kriss Kringle” with all the grade 5′s. The limit is a $10 gift. Remember to get a gift that you think they will like, and PLEASE be mindful when choosing a gift. Also, no gift cards!

At the last week of December, we will have a little Christmas party. I will write up a list of a few things the students can get. But be mindful of those students with allergies!

Okay, so let the holiday cheer begin and let the festivities begin!




Time is just flying! It is now November, or I should say Movember because this is the month where many men around the city choose to grow their mustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer. It is quite inspiring!

Getting back to school, the students have just finished their energy-efficient rooms. I would have to say that they did AMAZING. Keep posted on the blog because I will be uploading all the projects under “Honourable Mentions”.

This month, we will always have to remember our Canadian veterans and those who have died for a better country: Canada. Remembrance Day will be celebrated on Friday, November 9th. Just remember to wear your poppies too!

November is a great month of reflection. Never forget to take the time to think about how lucky we are to live in Canada.

October is here…

We are now in October, my favourite month of the year! We are collecting non-perishable food items so please don’t forget to bring them in to add to our ‘can structure’. We will only be collecting until this Friday, October 5th, so bring them in as soon as possible. Bringing in food can really help put food on the table for a family in need, especially for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.

I can’t forget to mention that we will be going on our first trip to Queen’s Park to see how our Ontario government is run and where it is located.

Finally, there is Halloween. Please dress accordingly. This month will be lots of fun!

Happy Thanksgiving or Bonne action de grace!

Farewell Ivana! Bonne chance at your new school!





Welcome Class of 2012-2013!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer filled with fun and excitement. I certainly did! Now we are ready to start the new year after a long break from reading, writing, math and science (which are the subjects I will be teaching you this year). This will be my first wiki (or blog) that I am attempting just for you. Homework, projects, special events/reminders will all be displayed on this “one-stop” website for your convenience.

Welcome to Grade 5 and I hope that we have a blast!

Ms. Chang

You can email me at: [email protected] or you can just leave a comment on the specific page that you have questions for.